Buried Treasure


There’s a crack next to my car seat

but I don’t know where it ends.

I tried to stick my arm down there,

but it twists and then it bends.

I’m always dropping things in there,

but it’s mostly by mistake

If you scooped up all the crumbs

You could probably make a cake.

It must be really deep because

I have lost so many things.

My Lego guys and juice box straws,

Pencils, balls, and spider rings.

I’ve lost marbles, beads, stickers, coins

and lots of my other stuff

I’d whine about it to my mom

But, I think she’s had enough.

I wish I knew how deep it was

But, i can’t see the bottom.

I tried to look down there before

With a flashlight, last autumn.

But, alas, that didn’t work ‘cuz

I dropped the flashlight in too.

I swear I saw a big eyeball

What was I supposed to do?

I thought about enlisting help

from my bestest buddy Claire,

But if we rescued all the stuff

She’d probably make me share.

I’m sitting on buried treasure

And it’s driving me crazy.

I could ask my brother for help

But, he is much too lazy.

One day, when I am big and strong

And I have all the right tools

I will take the whole car apart

And retrieve all of my jewels.

Rain, dear.


drip, drop, drip, drop

Mrs. Claus: “Ah, I love that sound.”

Santa: “What sound?”

Mrs. Claus: “drip, drop.”

Santa: “clip, clop?”

Mrs. Claus: “The drip, drop of rain, dear.”

Santa: “The clip, clop of reindeer?”

Mrs. Claus: “Yes, it’s the rain, dear.”

Santa: “What about the reindeer?!”

Mrs. Claus: “It’s raining rain, dear.”

Santa: “It’s raining reindeer?! Holy snowballs! I better go check my fleet.”

Mrs. Claus: “What’s wrong with your feet?”

Santa: “They may be in a jam.”

Mrs. Claus: “You better not have your feet in my homemade gooseberry jam.”

Santa:(opening the door) “Ho, ho, ho! It’s just a little rain, dear.”

Mrs. Claus: “A little reindeer? Prancer’s son?”

Santa: “No chance of sun. Just rain, dear.